Davide Cristiani aka Bombanella is a sound engineer specialized in studio recording, mixing and mastering. He was born in 1982 and has made recording and audio his great passion for twenty years. At the age of 5 he began his music studies: first piano then ‘Dams’ (disciplines of the arts, music and theatre) and composition at the conservatory. After his classical degree he began to study in more depth the technical aspects of the work, first in the live field and then in the studio.

Since 2004 he has designed and built two recording studios and is currently the resident engineer at the Groundfloor studio in Modena. He has supported various design engineers while always trying to carry out his personal research into sound; thus he has a vast array of microphones and custom instrumentation with unique and particular machines.

He has worked alongside musicians and producers such as Brian Deck (Califone, Iron and Wine), Carla Bouzulich, Steven Brown (Tuxedomoon). Live, he has been technical support to various artists in leading exhibitions such as the Primavera Sound in Barcelona and the Lucca Summer Festival. In recent years he has produced more than 200 albums, numerous EPs, singles, film soundtracks, becoming a stalwart for many artists and musicians. He also works in the live field as a technician and consultant for concerts, performances, theatre, dance, installations and multimedia events.

"Bombanella" was initially a precise and real place (a hill and the first recording studio) then after moving from there it became an identity, a starting point and a dream to aim for. Bombanella now signifies the sense of freedom, creativity and the wild-inside not to be abandoned. Bombanella has always aimed to be a meeting point, for comparison and exchange between friends, professionals, producers, instrumentalists, arrangers, sound technicians and engineers.